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From simple alarm systems to remote leak detection and infrared rodent monitors, Sigfox-ready smart solutions keep your family safe and deliver 24-7 peace of mind. Enjoy modern conveniences at an affordable price, like remote pool water readings and instant package arrival notifications. You can even track everything from your bike, scooter, car, boat trailer, pet,... to luggage.

smart alarm
Connected alarms: reliable security uptime
Sigfox provides back-up connectivity to ensure alarms are transmitted to security companies if the primary GSM is jammed. You can even start securing just your garage with one single battery powered sensor.
fire alarm
Connected smoke detectors : reliable uptime and fire alerts management
Sigfox-ready IoT connected smoke detectors transmit battery status and can send real-time notifications to an App or directly to emergency services or property manager.
water quality
Pool water quality monitoring: now everyone can afford a pool keeper
Connected water analyzers monitor corrosion, calcium scaling, chlorine overdose, pH level, temperature and send data to your smartphone (or contractor) to enable efficient pool management.
leak monitoring
Leak detection: real- time remote water leak notification
In the event of a leak, the sensor sends an alert immediately to the homeowner’s phone. Property managers can easily manage multiple units and send notifications automatically to a repair service contractor for faster service.
mail alert
Connected mailboxes: you’ve got a mail
IoT-connected mailboxes send package arrival notifications to residents and homeowners, making mailboxes more secure and cutting down on unnecessary trips to the mailbox.
rodent monitoring
Avoid rodent infestations
IoT solutions using infrared sensors for monitoring rodent activity identifies hotspots in your house and garden so that rodent can be eradicated up to 6x faster
smart watch
Outdoor sports: performance tracking and better security
IoT-enabled waterproof trackers are perfect to track your itineraries without the need for a smartphone. In the event of an emergency, an SOS message can also be sent through the device.
connected collar
Connected collar: no more lost pets
IoT-connected collars send real-time notifications when your pet leaves the house and can also monitor pet movement around the home and track daily activity and rest periods.
connected luggage
Connected luggage: no more ruined vacations or business trips
Put an IoT-connected tracker in your bag and you can track the location of your luggage, golf clubs or skis on your smartphone whilst you’re travelling.
Time card reader: monitor the attendance of care providers for seniors
IoT-connected time card reader monitor care providers and automate billing based on actual time spent in the elderly home. The device can also call for help with an emergency button.
Fall detector: immediate alerts
An IoT-connected watch for elderly or disabled people can automatically trigger an alert in the event of a fall or if the wearer pushes the panic button. The GPS feature can also help to find people with dementia if they wander away from home.

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