Discover how IoT is helping clients to avoid damage claims .

Today’s insurance industry isn’t just about processing damage claims—it’s about helping clients avoid them altogether and offer a better service at a lower cost. Sigfox-enabled smart security solutions overcomes the shortfalls of earlier technology to provide a smarter and low-cost set of tools for the modern insurers: From protecting homes and businesses with smarter security alarms... to faster recovery of stolen vehicles with powerful, reliable tracking systems.. to automatically contact emergencies services in the home or business in case of water leaks or fire.

smart alarm
Connected alarms: reliable security uptime
Sigfox provides back-up connectivity to ensure alarms are transmitted to security companies if the primary GSM is jammed.
fire detection
Connected smoke detectors: reliable uptime and fire alerts management
Sigfox-ready IoT connected smoke detectors transmit battery status and can send real-time notifications to an App or directly to emergency services or property manager.
leak detection
Leak detection: real- time remote water leak notification
In the event of a leak, the sensor sends an alert immediately to the homeowner’s phone. Property managers can easily manage multiple units and send notifications automatically to a repair service contractor.
car tracking
GPS trackers: recover stolen vehicles
Sigfox-enabled GPS trackers can't be jammed. This allows insurance companies to work with police to faster recover stolen cars, motorcycles, lorries, utility vehicles, bicycles and thus reduce customers' premium.

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